Committed to innovation

We are committed to technological innovation in translation, localization and content management, making it part of our value chain:

  • Translation workflow connector: We have developed a bespoke system for linking a client company's web portal (intranet, extranet, website...) to our translation processes. This helps to speed up the workflow and reduce turnaround times, whereby our clients enjoy a service that is more streamlined and easier to use.

  • Translation Memories: Translation memories are technological applications that permit us to securely store each individual client’s linguistic assets (texts, phrases, segments). When we begin a new project, these memories ensure the translation is consistent, while expediting the process, minimizing errors and reducing the cost of repeated words and segments. The result is optimum value for money. At MondragonLingua, we work with the most advanced translation memories on the market.
  • Machine translation: We have developed and incorporated our own machine translation system into our service value chain; in certain projects, this leads to shorter turnaround times and more competitive prices. 
    • A: Low fuzzy match segments in the project translation memory are extracted (including untranslated ones)
    • B: Machine Translation engine is trained with the client’s material (translation memories and revised documents)
    • C: Extracted segments are machine-processed (engine: Moses SMT)
    • D: The project’s TM segments are part of the final TM
    • E: Machine-translated segments also become part of the final TM and are labeled as MT-segments
    • Once the translation is complete, the translator reviews or modifies all MT-segments, validating and adding them to the global TM.
  • Desktop Publishing (DTP): Our remit is to guide our clients through the entire production chain, being able to work in any format in order to deliver a “polished” end product in each different language, thereby saving time and minimizing production errors.

We are involved in technological research projects on advanced tools that enable us to offer a more competitive range of services. For example:

  • The PLATA Project (as part of the Basque Government's GAITEK program): development of a web platform for the machine translation of news for Content Management Systems (CMSs) for optimizing translation processes.
  • The IRTEN Project (as part of the Basque Government's ETORGAI program): development of an advanced integral management solution for international sales and communication processes. This is designed to help companies overcome the information and linguistic barriers inherent in the internationalization process.
  • The Babeldata Project (as part of the Basque Government's GAITEK program): development of an e-HUB of multilingual services for global environments, with a view to coordinating a Digital Business Network that increases fluency and transparency in language industry markets