• International Organizations
    This is a highly demanding sector in which a multilingual approach to communication is vital. We are endorsed by, and indeed work for, leading international organizations, which have consistently high expectations in terms of responsiveness and proven quality.
  • Industry
    We specialize in the most demanding industrial fields, where quality communication is essential in the local languages of companies’ target product markets. Technical manuals, instructions, product catalogs, web portals, commercial contracts and, in short, all of the communication that may be necessary in the internationalization process.
  • Automotive industry
    Few sectors are as global as the automotive industry, in which manufacturing, assembly and marketing processes are conducted across continents. Hence the reason it is essential for the documentation and communications relating to this industry to adapt to the needs of both the global market and local consumers.
  • Law
    Legal translation is a highly specialized field that calls for translators with extensive experience in working with legal texts who are familiar with the language specific to each jurisdiction - criminal, civil, administrative - and each kind of document to be translated - contracts, deeds, legislation... -, as terminological errors in this field are especially unacceptable.
  • Economics and finance
    The economic and financial sector is of key importance to countries and organizations alike, and it requires a significant effort in terms of both timeframes and the large volume of words that often have to be translated within tight deadlines. It requires translators to be specialized in its terminology and have access to sector-specific resources.
  • Medicine and pharmaceuticals
    The medical-pharmaceutical field is extremely demanding in terms of quality, as it involves highly specialized subjects related to people's health and wellbeing. Drug package inserts and medical procedures, for example, need to be reviewed and proofread several times in order to ensure the highest quality at all times.
  • Information technologies
    The information technology and communication sector is probably the largest content generator in today’s world. This sector also has its own global remit and, as a result, it is one of the industries with the most needs in translation and the greatest potential for growth. Awareness of new technologies and technical qualifications is essential in order to satisfy clients’ demands in this sector, and MondragonLingua has extensive experience of working with the foremost companies in the industry.
  • Renewable energies
    This is a growing and highly specialized sector, with few other translation companies being in a position to compete in terms of deadlines and quality. The renewable energy sector generates large volumes of information including charts, physical units, formulae, etc., and it requires a thorough understanding of engineering.