The members of the consortium involved in the project QTLeap (Quality Translation by Deep Language Engineering Approaches) held their six-monthly meeting of the Advisory Board of Potential Users that included MondragonLingua alongside other partners such as Computer Associates (USA), Ontotext (Bulgaria), Gridline (The Netherlands), OMQ (Germany) and text&form (Germany). The meeting reported on the advances the project has made and analysed prospective areas of cooperation.

QTLeap is a research project in machine translation funded though the Horizon 2020 programme with three million euros.

The project’s goal is to explore and develop an innovative methodology based on “Deep Learning” for the machine translation of eight languages (Basque, Spanish, English, Portuguese, German, Czech, Bulgarian and Dutch), with the aim being to produce translations of a higher quality to those obtained with today’s statistical systems. The project’s consortium team comprises DFKI from Germany, the University of Lisbon, Charles University in Prague, the IXA Group at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), IICT-BAS-The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, the Humboldt University Berlin, and the University of Groningen.

Machine translation based on Deep Learning, also referred to as Neuronal Machine Translation, is a new paradigm that is set to complement or even replace today’s statistical methods. It involves an approach that is already being implemented by corporations such as Google and Systran, and is now concentrating the foremost research efforts in the field of machine translation.

Being involved in QTLeap has enabled MondragonLingua to gain first-hand knowledge of the advantages that neuronal machine translation has over its statistical counterpart. Furthermore, the links established with its partners in the consortium have led MondragonLingua to implement an R&D project in neuronal machine translation called MODELA, together with ISEA, Vicomtech-IK4, the IXA Group at UPV/EHU, Elhuyar and Ametzagaiña, as part of the Elkartek programme of the Basque government’s Department of Economic Development and Competitiveness.